Let’s play statues

We used to play a game when we were outside in the playground or outside anywhere else or even inside in a gym hall. It was called ‘statues’. You had to run around madly and when someone shouted you stopped and all stood like a statue in the exact position you had stopped. Then the shouter would walk amongst you and look for a movement, a tremble or a flicker of the eyelid, a stumble. The first one to move was OUT. It usually ended up with someone dissolving into giggles…….

It’s not that easy being a statue !


these amazing stone figures grace the sides of the cathedral in BarcelonaIMGP0426

this lot look like they are playing cards but I am not sure…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This chap stood short and square in the streets of Budapest


and I got stuck sitting next to some chap in the markets of Budapest. I never even got to know his name…. ! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think he prefered his solitude. Perhaps he is some Hungarian philosopher, I don’t know.

Does anyone know?

thank you to Ailsa and her endless ideas http://wheresmybackpack.com/2014/03/28/travel-theme-statues/

Travel Theme : Pink

My mother gave me a white cotton sun hat for my baby daughter when she was sitting up in her pram. ‘This was a hat you wore when you were a baby !’ she informed me as she handed it over. I treated it with care and it fitted my daughters head fine and kept her eyes shaded from the sun with its generous brim. The trouble was this child was at a stage of taking off shoes/ socks/ hats and chucking them out of the pushchair.Usually I spotted this and retrieved the errant bit of clothing, putting the shoe back on her newly walking feet.

I got back home after one shopping trip though and noticed the sun hat had gone and I had no idea where she had thrown it!

 I was quite upset at the time because of the sentimental history of it but I never did find it.

Perhaps it ended up patiently sitting on a wall like this one……



inside the shell

IMGP2865The shell is always the outside of something. This shell was home to some creature but is now lying on the beach discarded and silent maybe waiting to be washed out with the tide or picked up to add to a child’s collection. Maybe someone even started to collect or the other shell pieces have just crept inside…………….