three not so great snaps

I went for a walk and saw three things that in my minds eye should have made a great picture. Now , my mind’s eye and my camera don’t necessarily always see eye to eye if that makes sense! Sometimes my camera plays tricks on me. I take a load of random pictures and the one that I hurried at the end turns out to be the ‘super snap’. The cameos I see in passing and quickly fumble in my bag for whatever camera I have shoved in there ( I am such an amatuer :( ) and snap, are the ones I look at most keenly. Did I get the shot I saw in my head?

MMmmm, mostly I don’t because it has been hasty and a fleeting moment.2015-05-31 08.14.30This lady was heading down the hill with her two ponies but I was stuck in the middle of the road and she was watching my every move so that was my excuse for rushing that one…..(It was  a pretty sight at the time and the clop clopping of the hooves on the tarmac added good sound to the silent morning.)

This barge looked a promising sight on the canal and as I walked towards it I took a few shots but it started raining so I was snapping then hiding my camera under my coat……2015-05-31 07.47.01

This sheep was quietly grazing a bit further down the road from the ponies. The steep incline meant that the field is so much higher than the houses in the street so I liked this perspective of the roof grazing animal ( I had to stand on my toes and wave my camera above my head so that I didn’t get runover!)2015-05-31 08.10.14Anyway, I suppose these are just unedited snapshots that I quite like but won’t win any prizes. It’s all good fun……

Bad Sketch and Health and Safety

So it begins on Nora’s paper.

I have found out that the paper mill that made this special paper closed in the eighties and that this paper is now sought after and  difficult to get hold of. Oh dear. I have made a few sketches and hearing this now feel I can’t do the paper justice!


This week was the week of the boiler. Luckily it is summer and we only need hot water and not the heating (#firstworldproblems!). Anyway last week it decided to pack up and flood down the wall. The insurance company decided that it was not an emergency as there are no young children in the house (?) so we had to switch off the hot water and make do with cold til they could get an engineer out. Fine. I would go to the leisure centre for my swim and shower. Strangely the boiler at the leisure centre was under maintenance so I had cold showers. What next?

After the weekend the engineer finally turned up and taking one look at the boiler he refused outright to fix it. Health and Safety!. This company has been servicing this boiler for seven years. Now , when it came to the crunch they deemed it too unsafe to spend time fixing it in the position it is in. The boiler is half way up our stairwell and needs steps to get to it.

The engineer said if we wanted it fixed we (the householders) would have to build a proper platform for him to make the access safe or something.

Grrrr. We ended up finding a local plumber and his mate who were quite happy to to fix it and build a small makeshift step. Hurrah – after a week without hot water it was suddenly pure luxury to have it running out of the taps.

Its funny how you become so expectant to have all his on demand. It was unthinkable to have to wait could we wash? How could we survive? How silly. We boiled the kettle more and went to the Leisure centre, we didn’t die. We have cancelled the insurance and kept the number of the local plumber. If it breaks we will pay when it happens. Paying out seven years of insurance to a company couldn’t fix it because of bureaucracy seemed pointless.

So that is the story of the boiler and the makeshift step…..

2015-06-24 14.15.04 Oh my, they used books!

Nora’s special paper

2015-06-07 17.06.39

My Sunday car boot sale excursion and I found this at one man’s stall.( He was reluctant to sell although that may have been a sales ploy!) I paid £5 in the end and there is 31 sheets of amazing soft cream paper all with a watermark.

The only thing that it does have is a very old musty smell. I would guess that Nora is long gone. There may be a story there and I should have asked the seller more……..

Now I just have to use them for beautiful drawing – no pressure :)