Gilded windows

Notably gilded!247

This is Chatsworth and the light was fairly dull on that day but the gold colour was quite striking nonetheless.


Then the yellow of the hedge in front was again quite eyecatching, more so ,in fact, than if the sun had been out!


The bronze dogs and the stone lion added more interest against the hedge but note that the ground floor windows have not had the gilding treatment!

But hey, who needs to paint their windows gold when nature has its very own golden flowers…


A silly thought

She pushed her foot forward a little
Shoe tipping over the kerb
Hoping the cyclist, lycra clad, yellow, bent in half
Would hit her foot, run it over, fall
And all the others behind, yellow, red, green
And whatever synthetic colours, plastic wasps on wheels
Would fall like dominos, fast
One by one toppling
Wheels in the air spinning
Tangled bodies
Legs all wrong but muscled and messed up
But it was merely a silly thought
And she pulled her shoe back.

She pushed her trolley and stretched out her arm sideways
If she put her hand between the jars
Rows of preserves, purple, dull orange, deep red jams, marmalades
If she pushed her arm up to her elbow
She could scoop
All the jars
Rush them off the shelves, all of them
Empty the whole shelf, other shelves and watch the mess, the gooey, gooey mess
But she took one jar carefully
As it was merely a silly thought.

She sat with the others, all quiet and waiting
As you do in a waiting room
And the rift played over in her head from the car journey, some radio tune
She thought she would open her mouth
And sing it out loud
Really loud ‘ and all my troubles seemed so far away!’
At the top of her voice
And they would all look at her
Instead of sitting, pensive and barely talking
But she sat still and read
It was merely a silly thought.

She watched as the postman
Walked, posting door to door
A natural rhythm of walking, turning up the path
Posting, turning back again and again, each door a conquest
She would follow him and grab all the letters
All the envelopes and junk mail all bundled and then
She would post them herself all wrong
All the wrong letterboxes
No. 17 to no. 48
All mixed up
All the wrong letters,

but she didn’t

Letters – all about font

Lettering and fonts . Its all about the font apparently. Some fonts are just not cool. It can even change your how a prospective employer will look at you depending what font you use. Right.

Comic Sans is the biggest culprit. Way too comic.Never take anything seriously if it’s in Comic Sans.

(Comic Sans walked into a pub and the barman said ‘we don’t serve your type’ )

I do miss hand written letters.

Thank you to Ailsa and her challenges for inspiring this post


London pub


St Pancras plaque


plaque for the poet, slate lettering