Ephemeral epherema

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Sometimes I do a search online to buy paper ephemera. I think of this as old autograph books,postcards,photos or any old bits of history that may have a story of times gone by.

plural noun: ephemera
  1. things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
    “there were papers, letters, old boxes—all sorts of ephemera”
    This black and white really tatty photo is a from my own family album one but I have not found out whose schooldays it is depicting. I just like its barely there feeling, children who once were, waiting with great expectation ……….

Freshly squeezed


Annoyingly I broke this glass juicer and bought a replacement which is a sort of plastic thing that looks highly efficient but one of those gadgets that is a nightmare to clean. Who needs all these state of the art gadgets? They might cut up an egg into exquisite thin slices but …. well….

I might try to hunt down the glass type squeezer again…

freshly squeezed organic blood oranges

all environmental (2) blots on the landscape….

Often we can take good landscape/environmental photographs and sometimes/just sometimes there are what could be called imperfections in the image, not photographic ones but environmental….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI liked the image of the man and his white dog on the beach as the tide stretched out behind them but there was an annoying plastic bottle strewn on the sand dune in the foreground!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pretty landscape but swing around to the right a little and see… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeautiful blue water in front of Cockenzie power Station from Musselburgh. It is a coal fired station that has just been closed ( I only just learned it was not a nuclear power station as I had always presumed…) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fine lines in the sky, the fumes of airplanes cutting across clear blue skies……..

Signs of the times  :)