Blue reflection



Broken Panes

It never takes long for an abandoned structure to have its windows broken.

This building was stuck way out in the middle of a field but its isolation was obviously no protection from the window smashers.

The pavilion held on to its dignity just, wrapped in a faint film of nostalgia. Cricket games gone by.

The autumn light warmed up the colours around and the broken glass reflected back leafy shapes and a faintly blue sky.

Metal Stick Men

More sculptures in a quiet village field.

I needed to get a little closer.

I tramped across the boggy field to get a better look.

Lucky I had sturdy, distressed leather, calf length boots on that proved to be wholly waterproof/bog proof etc…

I avoided the electric fence in case it was switched on.

and there they were the strange stick men reaching upwards into the sky. From a distance they had looked like vandalised twisted goal posts or something. Now it was so clear what they were.

Well, sort of……

As they were in a field with an old cricket hut and other signs that the game of cricket had been played here before the sheep took over it was only logical to guess that these were connected to the game.random sculptures

No labels.

Horse head

Found this sculpture and took these pictures a couple of weeks ago.

This picture was taken at Nevill Holt and this sculpture stands proud in the grounds with an amazing landscape backdrop. I think it must be the same as the one in London at Marble Arch by Nic Fiddian -Green and apparently one has been sent overseas to someone in America as well. Inspired by his own horse George and cast in a Liverpool foundry.

(The sculptor recently had himself hauled up in a cherry -picker to clean the pigeon droppings off the one in London!)

Then a storm cloud approached so it was time to put the camera away.

Supermarket blues

There are too many supermarkets in this small Market town.

Ten or so years ago when moving to live in this middle England quaint little market town there was only one main supermarket. That was okay though.These are construction pictures of the latest one that has arrived here and it was thrown up in a matter of months.

It is squeezed in between three others that have been built over this last decade. Now its too many…….

Dependent on my mood I have all this choice.Organic,exclusive or budget own brand. Fresh, line caught and superbly British or European cheap imports.Health conscious, diet sympathetic and high nutritional content or plainly packaged minimal budget packs of whatever….. Does it make my life easier? Being a naturally fairly indecisive person the more choice I have the more confused I get.

So now we are in a town with too many supermarkets.The original one was Tesco.

This one they have just constructed is Waitrose. The local paper headline was something like ‘Worth Wait – rosing for?’ if I remember correctly. Sigh…

It is sharing its car park with Lidl that was built a few years back.

Across the roundabout to Lidl is its buddy Aldi built about the same time.

Next car park is Sainsburys that has been here nine/ten years.

Yay ..I have choice. If one car park is full I will drive to the next ; that can be the decision maker.