Daily Prompt: Plead The Fifth…and What do you do?

What Do You do? UUUgh. Yup – my least favourite question. I am afraid I am probably guilty of asking this question though in moments of conversation lull when all other avenues of questioning have been covered i.e. how many kids have you? where are you from? what car do you drive?(not sure I have ever actually asked anyone that) are you gay or straight?(not really) and so on. I will ask the question and then listen politely to the title that this person has for their occupation and usually it sounds grand and vaguely remote and something I wouldn’t be able to do myself because it would require years of training or climbing up some ladder or other or some other specialist knowledge thing that I would never have come across. Then as I sense that they are beginning to exhaust their own job description and all its trials and tribulations and/or drawbacks and/or benefits I begin to shuffle a little and look over my shoulder or over their shoulder for an escape route before the tables are turned. But then it is too late and panic sets in and the dreaded words fall out in front of me and expectant eyes are turned to me and ‘So what do you do?.

Oh Horrors. Well you would think I would have a ready answer by now wouldn’t you? I mean I have been on this planet long enough to have something to reply to this without feeling like an inadequate bumbling idiot. Perhaps I just have a mental block with this. Perhaps it is because I have never had just one thing that I ‘do’. I never trained to do one specific skill or occupation. I have done a lot of different things and too many to put in to one little pat answer to this question.I went to art school, I worked part-time so I could paint,I had children , I sell stuff on-line. I have been a mum,homemaker blah blah please don’t ask  me. I think I have been living but its a life without a title or job description. I am creative so don’t make me feel small by asking me ‘what do you do?’ and expecting a three word answer………….



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