Spring forward!

March flowers The clocks have ‘sprung forward’ an hour and there is a heavy frost and the air is cold.   Perhaps it will get more spring like soon! (these flowers are from last year!)

Happy Easter  🙂

And yet more snow!

snow nr Dingley

I went for a drive to take (yet more ) snow pictures and got stuck down a back road. The car was sideways across the road and I couldn’t move it . Luckily someone was there to help before I got too embarrassed….

The fifth or so lot of snow this year in this area and all over the country I think which makes it seem a longer winter than usual. The daffodils haven’t even dared to try to make an appearance yet…


Braybrooke Road

Travel Theme : Green



Many shades of green. When painting lanscape or nature I think green is the most difficult colour to get right . There are so many different shades and tones . I am not sure how many different tubes of greens you can buy, veridian green, sage green, sap green, permanent green but it still doesn’t cover what is out there in a landscape……..


dew drops in the grass


pine needles hanging in the woods


thistle green and the contrast to the purple flowerheads


fern green

kite surfer

and this kite surfer proudly posed with his green kite, an unatural lime green

inspired by http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/03/15/travel-theme-green/