Travel Theme : Beaches

MusselburghFor this Travel Theme inspired by I am sticking to a couple of little pieces of the British Coast that I have spent time on. 

This is Musselburgh beach. Arthurs Seat in the background; the dormant volcano. I sat for a while on a bench . It was January. Cold and grey. I wondered what the people with spades were up to.

Musselburgh This beach is sand and shingle.

I guessed they were digging for lugworms.

RhosneigrRhosneigr Beach (where we spent many holidays as children) is a hive of activity with water-sports

IMGP6923Cable BayThis is Cable Bay a bit further on around Anglesey and where we didn’t go so much as children as it was a bit more choppy.

FalmouthAnd this is Falmouth in Cornwall where there are more wetsuits than not……



2 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Beaches

  1. Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂 It is a great part of the country although I was only been there briefly………….

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