Back to the woods

And in the space of a few weeks this small wooded area is almost a different place. Well, its the same, but colours and shapes have changed a little. I over-photographed the bluebells (if that is possible) and I stalked a bumblebee that really did not want me to take a picture of it. It would hesitate long enough for me to get a good focus and frame and then  ‘buzzzzz’, it was off, not leaving me a millisecond to press the button!


remember the jagged stump?


the leaning trees?


There has been an invasion ( and thus creating a transformation)

bluebells of these blue flowers


and a bit of pink


but mostly blue.


2 thoughts on “Back to the woods

  1. Your bluebell woods look beautiful, but I’m feeling a little sorry for the bumble bee you were persistently stalking 🙂 oh and just for the record I don’t think it’s possible to over photograph bluebells!

    • thank you was worth the walk and I was pleased with a lot of the images I got 🙂 (yes, the harassed bee lol )

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