OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtwo dogs sharing a view

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsome feathered friends in shallow water

London icecream break for London bobbies

all in good company

but occasionally

we can sit alone


“I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.”
Henry David Thoreau


Travel Theme ; Flow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgentle flow of ice cold water over grey slate rocks and stones


paper-thin yellow flowers flow down the budding stem

BudapestThis statue was  below us in the street when we sat in a cafe in Budapest after a long,very hot walk in the streets

Budapest I wished I could let the water flow a little over my own feet to soothe them but it was nice just to watch and hear the water….

inspired by

Lets go curvy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA there is something about the curves on older more classic cars that is much more appealing and aesthetically pleasing than the design and shapes of most vehicles that chug around on our roads these days….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA this swan had a little sit down and obliged us with a nice reflection and a gentle double curve


although this crisp eating swan wins the curved neck competition!


A dry stone wall gracefully aligning a path in the Lake District……..


Rutland WaterNo buildings, traffic or persistent people

to disturb the still water reflecting the green and English landscape

still and not a breath of air to cause a single ripple

that would dare to shatter the peace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA the empty cricket hut

once used to serve the white and cream clad cricketers

who play no longer but leave behind

times that once were,

old objects, signs and broken windows

an empty shell that is lost to old times

but still contains musty memories and gentle peacefulness


and the row of trees caught my eye

I thought of French painting when Impressionism made gentle brushstrokes on canvas

and scenes of rural landscapes and a certain type of long-lost peace

was captured to make us feel nostalgic

and make us reminisce