My Modern Dilemna ; photography

Warning: this post will be annoying to all genuine, hardworking photographers out there as I am a bit ignorant (or lazy) when it comes to technology in relation to this subject.

I went to Milan for three days . A city break. I took 274 or so photos on my digital cameras.

I say cameras plural because I took two with me, my Olympus pen and also my DSLR Olympus which has a zoom lens. Both these cameras are second hand ebay purchases and both are not the latest models. I got the DSLR first as I bought my daughter a new one for Christmas six or so years ago and then decided I wanted one too. I wanted all the manual options as being the arty person I am and having done a photography course or two in the prehistoric age of darkrooms and film, although I must admit even some of the basic technical should-knows just go in one ear and out of the other, I thought it was the best option. My second camera is a little easier to sling into any bag (I don’t particularly want to stroll around with a great big special camera bag with all the trimmings as it seems too showy for myself)  and is the mirror-less camera and one of the earlier Olympus Pen ones that is full of arty options and takes the best pictures on auto.

So that’s my cameras. I can’t get any more detailed than that without going to look at the box. I even forget what megapixel they are at times.

The  first day in Milan and the must see Duomo.

This didn’t disappoint at all and is like a huge iced cake and a photographers dream. I clicked away randomly in the bright morning sun with the DSLR on auto and then the battery ran out. Damn, I had only remembered to recharge the other camera before I left. Oh well, it was going to save me carrying around two of them for the next couple of days. Switch to the lighter-weight one and click away.

We went into the huge shopping place near the cathedral and a Bollywood type pop star was doing a video shoot for his pop song. It was funny to watch and he was such a diva. He had loads of crew and gaffers running around him as he wooed a princess and danced around. More pictures I just had to snap.

Day two was the Milan fashion shop area and again more photography. How could I not? The expensive windows the fashion wearers, the cobbled streets, the fancy cafes. Then an old museum which was a house owned by two brothers who in the nineteenth century had decided to decorate it Renaissance style with genuine stuff from that time. What a place and full of gems!

Day three was a trek to the canal area and a nice midday meal. What baking heat and this must have been the day when the mosquitoes decided they liked my legs and had got stuck in, the bites only appearing on the flight home!

So all in all a small adventure, staying in a so-called luxury hotel but with homeless people sleeping on the grounds outside only a few yards away.A city of contrasts as most industrial cities are.

So now I get home and I have too many photos! What do I do with them? I am confused with this amount. It’s too easy to fill up a card with endless pictures of little moments. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking back over them. Perhaps I should have limited myself to five pictures a day. Five carefully thought out scenes for me to remember this travel break. Five significant shots not a hundred that some may be deleted. I look through them all , some are good, some are crap, some catch the essence of a place, some are amazing, some simply record where I was at that moment in time, some look as though they could be a great piece of photography and a picture no-one else has taken. I delete a few but keep the rest. I can store them in Dropbox now which means they are out there forever. I convert a load to black and white, change them, edit them a little but not much.

So what now? I can share them I suppose…

200 photos and more, saved.Three days, saved.

Until the next trip.



2 thoughts on “My Modern Dilemna ; photography

  1. When we go touring it tends to be for four to five weeks, with minimal PC/internet access, so the problem of photo overload is potentially a big one! Apart from those odd unmissable moments I tend to leave my camera in its bag until I’ve soaked up the atmosphere a bit and worked out how I feel about the place. I find that, as well as taking fewer photos, they are pretty much all of a better standard and worth hanging on to.

  2. That is a nice sensible approach and almost necessary if its a longer trip. I think I almost get a little snap happy when I am in a place for a short time and want to click at anything and everything in case I miss a good shot! I think in future I may have to be a bit more considering about what I want to capture and hold back a little….. 🙂

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