A Room with A View


We stayed in a B&B and this was the view we had. It was stunning. We were looking across to the island of Lindisfarne and we could watch people struggle to cheat the tides as they crossed the causeway at different times of the day. The cars were only small dots on the horizon but we could see them dip below sea level if they played it risky…fun to watch.


It was a remote enough place that we had to stop for the cows sometimes if they were in the way. She wasn’t going to move whilst she fed her calf even if we did have our headlights glaring at her.


We drove over to the island and enjoyed some more views there too


rural Northumbria


old stuff from the eighties

For ages I have had a box of slides of old work that I did after I left art college and it was work that I thought I could maybe be a bit more realistic and relevant with.  Recently I found a cheap machine that puts the slide images on to the computer. The slides were a bit dirty and dusty and the images a little jaded but it was fun to see the work and remind me of that time. I don’t think any of these works exist any more, maybe a couple do but there is a small story behind each one……



This was an old jeweler who worked at the back of a tiny shop in Gilmore Place. His son worked at the front of the shop and he let me take some pictures of his father when I asked if I could. He seemed to work in quite a dim and cluttered area but I was pleased with the image and I painted it oil on board and got it framed.This was mid 1980’s. I didn’t prime the board and the colours eventually went darker I remember….I think I was too shy to ever show them the painting so it stayed in my house stacked somewhere.



This was an actual commission I got to do a pastel portrait of someone’s five year old son, pastel on sugar paper I think. They seemed to be pleased with it but I should think this child is a grown up now…..



This is a piece I did still at college inspired by a trip to Venice. This was oil on canvas and I remember consciously using a more chunky style of brushwork.

So three very random pieces of work which all they have in common is a personal trip down memory lane……. 🙂