old stuff from the eighties

For ages I have had a box of slides of old work that I did after I left art college and it was work that I thought I could maybe be a bit more realistic and relevant with.  Recently I found a cheap machine that puts the slide images on to the computer. The slides were a bit dirty and dusty and the images a little jaded but it was fun to see the work and remind me of that time. I don’t think any of these works exist any more, maybe a couple do but there is a small story behind each one……



This was an old jeweler who worked at the back of a tiny shop in Gilmore Place. His son worked at the front of the shop and he let me take some pictures of his father when I asked if I could. He seemed to work in quite a dim and cluttered area but I was pleased with the image and I painted it oil on board and got it framed.This was mid 1980’s. I didn’t prime the board and the colours eventually went darker I remember….I think I was too shy to ever show them the painting so it stayed in my house stacked somewhere.



This was an actual commission I got to do a pastel portrait of someone’s five year old son, pastel on sugar paper I think. They seemed to be pleased with it but I should think this child is a grown up now…..



This is a piece I did still at college inspired by a trip to Venice. This was oil on canvas and I remember consciously using a more chunky style of brushwork.

So three very random pieces of work which all they have in common is a personal trip down memory lane……. 🙂


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