threes : sour grapes


IMGP6167 IMGP6166 IMGP6165and they looked so tasty in their luscious unwashed state but I think they made me pull a face when I tried them so I decided to photograph them instead and make at least some use of them!

long way home


I stood at the top of the hill on the edge of a small village and the road stretched down in front and an expanse of middle England geography spread like a green and yellow patchwork quilt all around as far as the eye could see. A lone fellow appeared and walked along the side of the road as though he had just popped to the corner shop except there were no shops for miles. I was taking pictures anyway so I took a few of his journey as the road was a long walk. A passing car distracted me for a second and when I looked back for the solitary figure he had disappeared. He must have gone into the field by the signpost. The signpost for a route across the fields where cows and sheep and some styles would be encountered…That was fine,he just didn’t look like the usual walker. People who do the country walks usually dress in clothes from ‘Outdoor shops’ and wear chunky shoes.

IMGP6779 IMGP6780 IMGP6781 IMGP6782 IMGP6783I was ever so slightly spooked out by the whole thing and I couldn’t explain why…………
except he had appeared from nowhere and then vanished as quickly


I turned and walked back up to where I had parked…

IMGP6772 IMGP6767