Let’s play statues

We used to play a game when we were outside in the playground or outside anywhere else or even inside in a gym hall. It was called ‘statues’. You had to run around madly and when someone shouted you stopped and all stood like a statue in the exact position you had stopped. Then the shouter would walk amongst you and look for a movement, a tremble or a flicker of the eyelid, a stumble. The first one to move was OUT. It usually ended up with someone dissolving into giggles…….

It’s not that easy being a statue !


these amazing stone figures grace the sides of the cathedral in BarcelonaIMGP0426

this lot look like they are playing cards but I am not sure…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This chap stood short and square in the streets of Budapest


and I got stuck sitting next to some chap in the markets of Budapest. I never even got to know his name…. ! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think he prefered his solitude. Perhaps he is some Hungarian philosopher, I don’t know.

Does anyone know?

thank you to Ailsa and her endless ideas http://wheresmybackpack.com/2014/03/28/travel-theme-statues/


12 thoughts on “Let’s play statues

  1. I loved that game! It featured strongly in my childhood. Ah those were the days. I love your statues, particularly the ones from Barcelona. I can’t help you with the mystery guy but he looks quite pleased to find a blonde sitting beside him! πŸ™‚

  2. I recognized the statues on La Sagrada Familia immediately, they are so striking. I don’t know the distinguished gentleman but I think I would love to spend some time talking to him!

  3. I love sculpture and this is a great collection; the first in particular is incredibly powerful. I spent a couple of days in Budapest and missed these – I would have loved to rub his stomach, as countless others have done no doubt! It would be interesting to know the chap on the bench – philosopher or musician? ….

    • thank you Noeline!
      I really couldn’t find anything about the statue on the bench although I must have missed a plaque somewhere….

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