Times gone

Page 31 2 Daily ExpressTidworth 1939

The man standing behind the Queen mother is my grandfather. He was in the Queen’s Bays 2nd Dragoon Guards with the British Army and, as far as I know, never came back from the war leaving behind a wife and six children. He never knew his grandchildren.

Tidworth 1939Family stories are sparse and spattered. Little remnants of history passed down lodged in the back of the mind but vague. I have lots of pictures but not so much knowledge.Things remain unspoken of, details left out and only some stories survive the march of time. I heard things said that I was not meant to hear I was told things I pretended I had never heard. No family is blameless and the secrets and histories are written nowhere just whispered in the wind.

I was told, ‘ you can never know everything’ but who chooses what you know and what you don’t ? Who selects the snippets that lodge in your mind and become distorted with time? Photographs reveal only a small snatch of a person’s life, an event that someone thought to snap and capture for posterity.

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