Times gone

Page 31 2 Daily ExpressTidworth 1939

The man standing behind the Queen mother is my grandfather. He was in the Queen’s Bays 2nd Dragoon Guards with the British Army and, as far as I know, never came back from the war leaving behind a wife and six children. He never knew his grandchildren.

Tidworth 1939Family stories are sparse and spattered. Little remnants of history passed down lodged in the back of the mind but vague. I have lots of pictures but not so much knowledge.Things remain unspoken of, details left out and only some stories survive the march of time. I heard things said that I was not meant to hear I was told things I pretended I had never heard. No family is blameless and the secrets and histories are written nowhere just whispered in the wind.

I was told, ‘ you can never know everything’ but who chooses what you know and what you don’t ? Who selects the snippets that lodge in your mind and become distorted with time? Photographs reveal only a small snatch of a person’s life, an event that someone thought to snap and capture for posterity.

Page 54 7 Arthurs Gravestone


21 thoughts on “Times gone

  1. Thought provoking post ….
    Have you ever thought about researching your family history? I am looking into mine and it’s truly fascinating; not just your own family’s history but the general history you start to learn/appreciate as well.

    • Hi Noeline – thank you …family history is something I look into every now and then but don’t get that far. My family is quite divided and extensive and there seems to be a lot of sad and secret stories which is inevitable I suppose. I do like the history side of it. I tried one of the sites for war records but not that helpful. I will have to talk to people. Did you do your own research?

      • Fortunately my family is pretty small which makes it easier – but you also reach dead ends more quickly! I do my own research but was lucky enough to ‘meet up with’ a couple of very distant cousins researching the same branch. As a team we’ve done pretty well.
        I’m no expert and tight on time but if I can help in some small way to get you going, let me know.

  2. Oh thank you for offering … I think the best thing is to probably get in touch with some relatives too -( I get the feeling some have started to get some stuff together I just need to find out who has the most facts.)

    • Errrrrrrrrrr my name is BRIAN,(Brin) Defo not KIA, the Bays were in ITALY in 45, but I can find no record of him at all…..do you have his medals or papers.?I do have extensive Bays history…..you can do it to me by email for privacy…….I am on Facebook as ‘Brin Symonds’.and the war in Italy finished in 45.

    • so was my Dad’s. as he held the rank of Of Reg. Sgt Major in 1939 I imagine that he would possibly be an officer in 1945…..is there any doubt that the photo is not 1939 ?

  3. As you have Bays connections you could join the Queen’s Dragoon Guards’ facebook site……mention my name ….’Brin Symonds’

  4. Oh – I am a bit overwhelmed as i have a lot of pictures and I am going on the captions and dates that they have. I think the graves are in Austria …… thank you for your recommendations………!

  5. Bays were never in Austria, their casualties were North Africa and Italy, I’ll help or I can….We do have some in Udine Military cemetery in Italy from post war deaths in 45…..do you know where he is buried?
    You would be most welcome on QDG site’ just mention Brin Symonds.

    • He was in the “2nd Dragoon guards which no longer exists. My dates are accurate as some of the pictures are newspaper stills from that time… (I will need to find out where he was buried. not sure where I got Austria from!)

      • I was also in 2DG, Bays, Bays finished Jan.1959. amalgamated with 1st.KDG.(QDG FACe BOOK covers BAYS.

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