three not so great snaps

I went for a walk and saw three things that in my minds eye should have made a great picture. Now , my mind’s eye and my camera don’t necessarily always see eye to eye if that makes sense! Sometimes my camera plays tricks on me. I take a load of random pictures and the one that I hurried at the end turns out to be the ‘super snap’. The cameos I see in passing and quickly fumble in my bag for whatever camera I have shoved in there ( I am such an amatuer 😦 ) and snap, are the ones I look at most keenly. Did I get the shot I saw in my head?

MMmmm, mostly I don’t because it has been hasty and a fleeting moment.2015-05-31 08.14.30This lady was heading down the hill with her two ponies but I was stuck in the middle of the road and she was watching my every move so that was my excuse for rushing that one…..(It was  a pretty sight at the time and the clop clopping of the hooves on the tarmac added good sound to the silent morning.)

This barge looked a promising sight on the canal and as I walked towards it I took a few shots but it started raining so I was snapping then hiding my camera under my coat……2015-05-31 07.47.01

This sheep was quietly grazing a bit further down the road from the ponies. The steep incline meant that the field is so much higher than the houses in the street so I liked this perspective of the roof grazing animal ( I had to stand on my toes and wave my camera above my head so that I didn’t get runover!)2015-05-31 08.10.14Anyway, I suppose these are just unedited snapshots that I quite like but won’t win any prizes. It’s all good fun……


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