Let’s steward


A local arts fair required a bit of stewarding  so t-shirts were printed accordingly.


Creepy stuff

2015-06-27 14.04.08I like museums and all the stuff of the past they hold for us to behold. They are usually quite lowly lit to protect the precious artifacts so I took a few snapshots but ended up with a couple of sinister shots . This was the Egyptian bit at the British Museum



A gift of some tea from China. It was a small grey nut shape so finding a glass and then pouring hot water over it and letting it sit for a while an intricate flower showed up. I had not seen this before so it was a pleasant surprise…ta very much! And it smelled and tasted nice too….  🙂

Freshly squeezed


Annoyingly I broke this glass juicer and bought a replacement which is a sort of plastic thing that looks highly efficient but one of those gadgets that is a nightmare to clean. Who needs all these state of the art gadgets? They might cut up an egg into exquisite thin slices but …. well….

I might try to hunt down the glass type squeezer again…

freshly squeezed organic blood oranges