All about wood


This ergonomic and organic shape in some National Trust Gardens looks inviting to sit on, on the sunnier days of the year


this rickety pier is in Leith Docks and the wood structure looks naturally sculptural


perhaps that’s why it was chosen to hold a metal sculpture at the far end

IMGP5121broken wood has its own character

IMGP4270 an all wood ship that sits in Falmouth Harbour


Scotland trip (Edinburgh)

I spent a few days up in Scotland to catch up with family, a fleeting visit but busy nonetheless.

The Festival Fringe was in full swing and whilst it’s nice to absorb and enjoy the creative atmosphere it’s also nice  to take time out and retreat a little to the outskirts (escaping the tourists….)

clownA busker plays his tune

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA People chill in Princes Street Gardens


blue guitar busker

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA time out under a sturdy tree

Leith sculpture

I saw this at Leith docks and zoomed  to snap a picture, not sure but guessing it could be an Anthony Gormley and also not sure if the seagull was part of it or not………  🙂


We couldn’t walk any closer by the looks of the rickety construction in between ……. I like the tension of the figure standing there endlessly gazing out over the water (whatever the weather I presume)

(I did some checking up and no, the seagull was just passing by (as many others had also done by appearance!)….I found out that this is one of six figures installed between the Scottish National Gallery and the sea  from a 2010 commission.)



wood post

Now I need to find the other five figures……..

Edinburgh (snapshots)

Scott Monument

This is the Scott Monument in the winter season when it gets a bit crowded out by the winter fair. It still manages to hold on to a little dignity despite always looking as though it could do with a bit of a clean……

Arthurs Seat

Arthur’s Seat always looks like an elephant to me lurking on the horizon solid and tame…this was taken from across the meadows where I spent a lot of time walking to and from school but probably, at that time, didn’t take much more than a glance at the backdrop…..

(these are compact camera snapshots)