This framed drawing that I did in 1992 sits gathering dust in amongst other framed stuff that gets no wall space.

It is my son at the age of two and I used three colours of charcoal pencil.

I thought at the time maybe I would show it and do more pictures like this but it was quite hard work and that is good if you are doing the picture of someone you know and want to capture. I think I must have reworked the eyes about three times til I got it just right. It’s always the eyes that seem to give a person that individual distinction. Well, usually anyway.


I suppose it would have been nice to have done a lot more portraits of the children as their faces changed and got older but I never got around to that somehow. (photos seemed a little more instant!)


So as it turns out this portrait was more or less a one off!

I like it because it is a rarity in that I actually sat down and focused and put some proper hard work into it,although usually I prefer to work a lttle more fluidly and the shoulder is a little narrow. ( I don’t think the paper was that good as it seems to wrinkling a little……..)


Metal Stick Men

More sculptures in a quiet village field.

I needed to get a little closer.

I tramped across the boggy field to get a better look.

Lucky I had sturdy, distressed leather, calf length boots on that proved to be wholly waterproof/bog proof etc…

I avoided the electric fence in case it was switched on.

and there they were the strange stick men reaching upwards into the sky. From a distance they had looked like vandalised twisted goal posts or something. Now it was so clear what they were.

Well, sort of……

As they were in a field with an old cricket hut and other signs that the game of cricket had been played here before the sheep took over it was only logical to guess that these were connected to the game.random sculptures

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