orange wall

In Musselburgh there is an orange wall. A painted wall that stretches around a roadside property. The property looks Victorian but it is mostly hidden by the orange wall.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASet into the orange wall is some sturdy gates that are painted a subtle blue to fit in with the orange.


Dogs barked at me as I took pictures and I could see the high security of the place.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA round tower looks over the wall.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn paper I couldn’t imagine it working – such a long wall painted orange and blue/green gates to go with it but it looks fine and is not at all garish or unpleasant. Brave people to make that decision, braver than me and the barking dogs……….

Travel Theme : Beaches

MusselburghFor this Travel Theme inspired by I am sticking to a couple of little pieces of the British Coast that I have spent time on. 

This is Musselburgh beach. Arthurs Seat in the background; the dormant volcano. I sat for a while on a bench . It was January. Cold and grey. I wondered what the people with spades were up to.

Musselburgh This beach is sand and shingle.

I guessed they were digging for lugworms.

RhosneigrRhosneigr Beach (where we spent many holidays as children) is a hive of activity with water-sports

IMGP6923Cable BayThis is Cable Bay a bit further on around Anglesey and where we didn’t go so much as children as it was a bit more choppy.

FalmouthAnd this is Falmouth in Cornwall where there are more wetsuits than not……