I think I am strong

but then I ‘m proved wrong

I get stabbed in the back

I thought I could trust

but that crumbled to dust

I was alone all along

I became a shadow

but that was wrong too

I stepped out from the shade

my shadow is me

I am not my shadow


to swear or not to swear

I don’t swear. I don’t use swear words. They just don’t pass my lips. I cannot blaspheme.

This does not mean that maybe I would like to. I get angry at times,extremely so at other times. I stub my toes, I catch my head on open cupboard doors and people cut across me in traffic but I don’t swear.For some reason I have always found ways of expressing my anger and swearing is not one of them. I suppose I am talking about the four letter words that I don’t even want to type. I will say damn and that is as extreme as it gets.

I was brought up not to swear and I never heard my parents use bad language but I went to a local Scottish school where a fair amount of the children quite happily used the f*** word in every other sentence and plenty of other expletives too. (‘bend it bend it, double it and send it’ was used whilst bending the first for-finger then ending up in the v sign waved in your face). I was always too shy and polite to ever curse or swear.

I am not against people swearing but people who use the f-word in any story they tell confounds me a little. They may be trying to emphasize a point but I just want to roll my eyes.

No doubt it is to do with upbringing the amount of bad language you use. I think the rest of my family find it easier to swear so I think I may be a bit extreme in my lack of use of strong language but at the same time I don’t really feel I am missing out. I suppose in my school days I may have felt a little feeble that I couldn’t resort to foul language on occasion but it doesn’t bother me now. Swear words sound silly when I say them so I don’t bother.

Walking through a shopping centre with my daughter we passed a young mother with a pram and two wee kids. She very loudly swore at one of them to ‘f***ing move (or get in the pram or something)’. Both my daughter and I turned and looked in shock as it seemed so aggressive and my daughter said ‘My God!’ The lady must have heard and yelled at us ‘Just keep your opinions to yourself’ (no swearing at us). We wondered on the way home what language she resorted to when the children did something really bad.

I can’t help thinking that strong language should be saved for the rare occasions when an extreme situation calls for it and it can have the impact that it should. But that is just me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI swear I just cannot swear

Here is a poem that did the school rounds once in my childhood.

‘Bloody’s in the bible, bloody’s in the book

if ye dinnae bloody believe me

take a bloody look!

To swear or not to swear, what do you think?

IMGP7779Damn! Blurred selfie….


often we are caught

the road to freedom


a soft web

encases around the whole

and as with quicksand

the more the struggle the tighter the grasp

the spider sits in the corner

the small entity rushes in to be trapped

surrounded and caught amongst

silken threads stronger than they look

belying their own delicacy

a torn kite

string hanging down out of reach

but flickering


indicating angry gusts

and the fabric of the toy is forever hooked up high on wires that buzz


as we are often caught

unaware of our predicament

until we try to wriggle and walk and step out