Golden yellow

This time of year as the days draw in and are short and sweet things can seem a little grey. We  pull the curtains across the windows too early and we focus on the warmth of the fire and indoor stuff. Nature is a little bleaker and we have to try a teeny bit harder to find a splurge of colour. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA bit of whisky in crystal, warm and golden liquid. IMGP7847

Leave the frost outside….

mish mash 066and I am not greatly green fingered but this little brave flower pushed up in one of many neglected pots…..

And yet more snow!

snow nr Dingley

I went for a drive to take (yet more ) snow pictures and got stuck down a back road. The car was sideways across the road and I couldn’t move it . Luckily someone was there to help before I got too embarrassed….

The fifth or so lot of snow this year in this area and all over the country I think which makes it seem a longer winter than usual. The daffodils haven’t even dared to try to make an appearance yet…


Braybrooke Road

Edinburgh (snapshots)

Scott Monument

This is the Scott Monument in the winter season when it gets a bit crowded out by the winter fair. It still manages to hold on to a little dignity despite always looking as though it could do with a bit of a clean……

Arthurs Seat

Arthur’s Seat always looks like an elephant to me lurking on the horizon solid and tame…this was taken from across the meadows where I spent a lot of time walking to and from school but probably, at that time, didn’t take much more than a glance at the backdrop…..

(these are compact camera snapshots)