Strawberries and doughnut peaches


A very out of season picture but a little colour for this time of year. Those doughnut peaches are so delicious……………..


Plenty of rain



There has been plenty of rain this year. Some of my favourite pictures are umbrella ones, other peoples’ and my own if I can get a nice shot.

There has been ample opportunity this year………

union jack brollies

These people were waiting for the Olympic torch earlier in 2012.. ..


lady with brolly

Weekly Photo Challenge : surprise

This is about the surprise of something in a photo that you hadn’t realised would be there when you took the shot – it can be a good thing or a bad thing!


The swan popped its head up and I snapped a shot and only saw the water drops when I got home –


I was doing a rust shot and later saw the fine line of a dewy cobweb that I hadn’t really noticed at the time –


and then there is a dead fly that was on this mirror that if I had spotted it pre-photo I would have cleaned it off….. !