heavy fringe

icicles This pub with the thatched roof was having an icicle fringe day!

icicled roof

They looked a little lethal to me…..

pub icicles and there was a good reflection in the window too but I was getting too cold to linger outside and take more  ‘arty’ shots….

Edinburgh (snapshots)

Scott Monument

This is the Scott Monument in the winter season when it gets a bit crowded out by the winter fair. It still manages to hold on to a little dignity despite always looking as though it could do with a bit of a clean……

Arthurs Seat

Arthur’s Seat always looks like an elephant to me lurking on the horizon solid and tame…this was taken from across the meadows where I spent a lot of time walking to and from school but probably, at that time, didn’t take much more than a glance at the backdrop…..

(these are compact camera snapshots)